Enjoy what you do...

We take our people as seriously as we take our steak... and if you know even the tiniest thing about us, it's that we take our steak very seriously. Very seriously indeed.

We give you the tools to carve a career for yourself and do your job without even thinking. It’s inbuilt, intuition, in your subconscious, in your very being.

Our training is renowned and respected in the industry and beyond. We have expert teams to train you in every aspect of our company.

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy - the Karate Kid had to polish a lot of cars and paint a fair few fences before he was any good, but hard work pays off.

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We’re always on the hunt for new talent, so whether you see a vacancy you’re interested in or not, we’d love to get your details. If we think you’re one of our people, we’ll get you in to chew the fat (try a nice ribeye). What are you waiting for? Chop, chop.

Team stories

Gosia Everett

General Manager

Length of service: 10 years
Started as: AGM
Position now:  GM
Favourite drink: French Martini
Favourite cut: Fillet

Milan Sojka

Head Chef

Length of service: 5 years
Started as: Grill chef
Position now:  Head Chef
Favourite drink: Smokey old fashioned
Favourite cut: Rump

Racheal Cowell

Business Development

Length of service: 1.5 years
Started as:  Manager
Position now: BDM
Favourite drink: Red wine
Favourite cut: Fillet  

Samantha Smith

Ops Manager

Length of service: 10 years
Started as: Duty Manager
Position now: Operations Manager
Favourite drink: G&T
(Fever Tree tonic, slice of lemon)
Favourite cut: Fillet

Aziz Sakakli

Head Bartender

Length of service: 8 years
Started as: Bartender
Position now: Head of Bars
Favourite drink: Tequila
Favourite cut: Ribeye

Scott Grimbleby

Managing Director

Length of service: 2 years
Started as: MD
Position now: MD
Favourite drink: Red wine, full bodied
Favourite cut: Australian Fillet

Tony Wibberley

Operations Chef

Length of service: 13 years
Started as: Prep chef
Position now: Operations head chef
Favourite drink: Peroni red
Favourite cut: Ribeye

Viv Taylor-Fletcher

Sales & Events Manager

Length of service: 1.5 years
Started as: Christmas coordinator/BDM
Position now: Brand sales & events manager
Favourite drink: Smokey old fashioned
Favourite cut: Australian fillet

Ellie Quigley

Brand Marketing Manager

Length of service: 1.5 years
Started as: Brand marketing manager
Position now: Brand marketing manager
Favourite drink: Margarita
Favourite cut: Ribeye

News & Events
Photo of BULLDOG Gin Masterclass @ Grill on the Market

BULLDOG Gin Masterclass @ Grill on the Market

Our friends at BULLDOG Gin are taking over our place on 18th July, delivering two gin tasting classes for the good people of EC1.   Learn about all things gin, and how to create your own perfect serve with BULLDOG – and we’ll keep you topped up with snacks from our bowl food menu, and […]

Photo of Q Park & Blackhouse Leeds

Q Park & Blackhouse Leeds

Heading to Blackhouse Leeds in the car? Take advantage of our partnership with Q Park Albion St by booking via the link to the right. When you’ve finished your meal, we’ll give you a ticket to use in Q Park Albion St which will take 25% off your final car parking cost.

Photo of Sunday Roasts

Sunday Roasts

Just when you thought the humble roast couldn’t get any better… we’ve upped the stakes – and the steaks – to bring you the ultimate in Sunday feasting. Of course, there is the obligatory roast trifecta – chicken / pork / roast beef – but we’ve added an upgrade… Get your elasticated waist-band pants on, […]