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Photo of Sunday Roasts

Sunday Roasts

Just when you thought the humble roast couldn’t get any better… we’ve upped the stakes – and the steaks – to bring you the ultimate in Sunday feasting. Of course, there is the obligatory roast trifecta – chicken / pork / roast beef – but we’ve added an upgrade… Get your elasticated waist-band pants on, […]

Photo of Steak School

Steak School

Always wanted to know your rump from your ribeye? Your Chardonnay from your Sauvignon? Want to wow your friends with your superior beef knowledge? Blackhouse Steak School is the institution for you. Our in-house beef and wine experts are here to take you on a journey of meat and matched wines, round the world from […]

Photo of The Butcher’s Cut

The Butcher’s Cut

The Butcher’s Cut is our weekly celebration of all things steak. Every Monday, we’re getting generous with our menu – half price steaks when you book online via this link. The perfect opportunity to try that steak that’s as big as your head that makes your look like Henry VIII (or as we like to […]